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Hi! I'm Alexandra, a hobbyist writer. I write when I have time and inspiration, which is not often! Anyway, I speak french and English, so if I do some mistakes, please pardon me.
Hi everybody! So today is the 14th birthday of DeviantART Party and this why I'm going to write my deviantART story through deviations that I've chose. 

When I first join DeviantART, in march 2010, it was mainly to see all the beautiful deviations that were on this website. This is where I fell in love with the work of an artist for the first time. And this artist was... Katikut  Melly for CJE by Katikut

I really love the characters she created, especially Melly, as you can see by picture above.

Since I was like the worst drawer ever, I decided that I would never post a deviation. Yeah, I decided to be a fav ninja all my life. 
So I kept faving and faving and faving, discovering by the way some fantastic galleries like the one of yuumei who is just completely stunning :
Rise by yuumei

And then, one day I woke up and I suddenly wanted to post something. I though about it and I realized I was good at writing. So I wrote something and I posted it.  Pretty?I look at myself and I realize
I realize what the society have done to me
And trust me, that's not good
I see a young woman
Who don't know if she's pretty or not
Because when she looks at the other girls
She realizes that she's uglier than pretty
And it hurts
It hurts a lot
But she continues to live anyway
Because she hopes that maybe someday she will be enough pretty
Enough pretty to look at the other girls and think : ''Wow, I'm prettier than her!''
 It was in august 2012, two years after my inscription. 
After that, since I'm kind of lazy and not always inspired, instead of writing and posting a bunch of nice things, I decided to read and fav a bunch of nice things like that :  Because I'm BlindA young girl once asked a blind man, "Can you see?"
"Why, no, silly girl," the man replied. "I'm blind."
"I know that. Can you see?"
The man thought hard. He couldn't remember one moment when he had vision. "I'm sorry, my girl, but my eyes are broken. I don't understand what you mean."
"I guess you can't then..." The girl sighed, defeated.
She spent her whole life searching. She learned many languages and toured many countries during her mission, but none brought her to who she was looking for. One day, when she was old and retired, she sat on her front porch, feeling the soft breeze blow through her hair and listening to the soft creaking of the floorboards under her rocking chair. She looked out at her world with reverence. It was beautiful. "I wonder why no one else can see," she said.
A young boy stopped in front of the porch and looked up at the woman. "See what?" he asked.
"The beauty."
"I can see it," the boy said, smiling at the sparkle in the old woman's eyes. "I don't
 (by KittyKat098)

Then someday one of the amazing persons (ForestoFairies) that I watch decided to do a very special journal entry.  JUST A DEVIANT WATCHER'S STORYMiss 'PinkFox' came in the house of the Queen claiming for her an 'unused emotion' the 'perverted princess' had left in a box on a desk among the 'scaretted' tears of her very first youth. While no-one had yet realized what was happening,she began searching on the first floor ,'Raw the kitty' stopped her march,willing or not,purring around,right at her legs. But she firmly decided to take what she wanted,so she skipped the cat and reached for the second floor... but surprise surprise... she didn't know where to go...and there were two doors:number '16' and number '38'.A reflection was useless,but before dejection could take her soul,a spirit called 'Amy' appeared to show her the right way (naturally the unseen door between the other two).She overpassed the evanescent threshold... reached for the desk,opened the box,digged between the sheets,and finally found it,immediately pressed it on her chest until it was absorbed by her heart.When the guards finally arrived,it was too late... and He wrote a text using all the usernames of his watchers. It was a really sweet attention and I'm really grateful for it. He was also encouraging us (his followers) to write something about what he wrote (really clear huh?). Well, for example, he included me by talking about a ''door number 38'' and he asked me to wrote about what was behind this door. So I did it :  Behind the door 38Behind the door 38, there is a labyrinth with no end. Once you're in, you can't go out. Skeletons littering the ground and we sometimes hear the spirits that haunt this cursed place.
Behind the door 38, there is a deep blue ocean with an eternal sunset. Dolphins jump outside the water and you feel calm and relax. Every breath you take makes you feel like everything in your life is wonderful. Once you're in, you never want to exit this fantastic place.  
Behind the door 38, there is a garden of roses. A fountain rests proudly in the middle of this beautiful place and the sky is dotted with millions of bright stars. There's magic in the air.
Behind the door 38, there is always something new. All depends of how you feel and what you think when you open the door. So be careful, maybe you will not get out alive of this place.

Since that I continue faving and faving and faving everything, but once in a while, I write something and I post it. Here's my latest deviation :  Space LoveWhen the moon is high
In this never ending sea of darkness
The galaxies are forgiving
The constellations could explode
And the stars could collapse
But in this infinity of thoughts
And dreams floating
Nothing will never change
The love I have for you

And finally my latest fav (a deviation of Zephyrhant) :Black Out Days by Zephyrhant

Voilà! This was my deviantART story! Thanks if you've read it until here and happy birthday DeviantART!!! :D
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